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What Time Does Trick Or Treating Start In Florida?

Over the years, the time to start trick or treating for Halloween was moved earlier and earlier.

If you grew up from the 1960s through the 1980s, you might remember that trick or treating did not start until it gets dark on Halloween.

But child safety concerns raised from the 1980s to the present made trick or treating during daylight on Halloween the new tradition.

Being the Sunshine State, trick or treating in Florida starts during daylight hours because sunset does not occur until 30-45 minutes later than in northern states.

For both safety reasons, it is best to start trick or treating at 6 p.m. in Florida when Halloween falls on a weekday to allow for the majority of rush hour traffic to die down.

As a practical matter, waiting until 6 p.m. allows households time to get home from work and set up for trick or treaters.

Another benefit of trick or treating in Florida is the warm weather which makes it more tolerable for children to continue trick or treating after sunset.

The time trick or treating ends generally occurs around 9 p.m. on Halloween.

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